Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zenith, model K725, mfgr: feb 22, 1954

My Zenith K725 is working again! This radio is capable of receiving
both the AM and the modern FM BC bands. It is a dual conversion
superheterodyne. The build quality is impressive! Very clean inside
too. Audio quality us excellent too.

Next step will be to clean up the case, replace the rotted on/off
volume control, and replace the broken dial cord so that I can see
what station I am tuned into.

This radio belonged to my great grandfather, where ge would use it to
listen to the Detroit Tiger's baseball games.

Stay tuned for mire updates on this project.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Robot Halloween Costume

I felt like being creative this year for halloween. So i built this
robot costume out of surplus military parts and other various
electronic apparatus. Shown here are photos in the light and in
dark, where you can see everything light up. One notable feature is
the plasma globe in the middle of the robot body. All toggle
switches on the front-right turn on/off parts of the robot.
Including the eye light bulbs, the random LED's, the plasma globe,
and the Heathkit 120 VAC panel meter. This robot has x-band radar
dish antennas for ears, and a combination of red lamps and radio
dials from WW2 as the eyes. My ipod was setup to play a loop of
random robot noises through the two speakers at the bottom of the
robot body.

Very fun!