Friday, January 1, 2010

1946 Olympic Model 6-606 portable tube radio, restoration complete, with IPOD doc

I just completed the restoration this beautiful 1946 Olympic model 6-606 portable/AC powered tube radio.

This radio runs off of line voltage or high voltage batteries.

In addition to this I have modified (or as some might say hacked) this radio so that it can be used as an ipod doc. This was difficult to do safely because this is a 'hot chassis' radio. On the rear panel you will see a small quarter-inch toggle switch where you can select either radio or ipod mode. The ipod is fed through an audio isolation transformer and into the grid of the first AF stage.

This was the most difficult radio restoration I have done to date because of the strange 1 series tubes and the difficulty in maintaining proper bias with old resistors and modern (higher) line voltages.

I plan to build some battery packs for this radio and use it as a vintage 'boom box.'

More later on this...