Sunday, January 3, 2010

Olympic model 6-606 portable tube radio, now running off batteries, and playing a vintage playlist off of an ipod

Now i have my tube 'boom box' ready for music anywhere.

I had to build a replacement battery pack for the two type B and the two type A battery packs (90V and 9V respectively). This battery pack contains 16 batteries total; 10 9V's and 6 size C. It costs about $30 in batteries alone to run this radio! lol

But it is worth it because now we are ready to rock with tube sound anywhere....

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  1. About battery pack - ideal solution, I sure that there is no 60Hz hum at all and sound is as clear as brilliant.

    But about iPod inside - I dislike it, it seems like a Disco-Bar in a Theater or in a Church. IMHO. What do you think about small one-two transistors AM home broadcaster? It should be a nice toy - iPod docking station with an AM Broadcast Antenna :)

  2. LOL

    You are the 3rd person to suggest an ipod with an AM transmitter.

    Yes I agree, that is the best approach in the long run. I would only have to make one ipod AM transmitter doc and not have to modify another antique radio.

    But, i have a vision for this particular radio. More later on that....

    Always a pleasure reading your comments,