Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There exists another Colin B. Kennedy Model 20B

Casper's CBK Model 20B:

My CBK Model 20B:

A fan of the blog, Casper, has written to me about his Colin B. Kennedy Model 20B. He was searching the web for some info on his radio and found my web page dedicated to the restoration of my CBK 20B.

It was very interesting to see another CBK 20B because the chassis was very different and the only schematic that exists for this radio actually matches Casper's radio better than mine. For example; Casper's 20B has a push-pull output with two triodes, whereas my 20B has one pentode in a single-ended configuration. There are a few other differences too.

Casper has successfully implemented a simple modification to the AF stages to increase the AF bandwidth by placing caps in strategic locations in the AF circuitry. Nice work! I might try the same thing with mine someday because of his success.

Both CBK Model 20B's continue to play music to this day. I use mine about 4 hours daily, and his is on just as much. It is true what was said on the front of the model 20B, Colin B. Kennedy is the "Royalty of Radio."