Wednesday, May 19, 2010

another Colin B. Kennedy Model 20B as emerged

A fellow fan of the CBK model 20 has sent me this photo (photo 1) of
another model 20B that he has purchased. This one is much different
than mine, where, there are no front doors and the output tubes are
push/pull type 45's rather than my single ended variant (photo 2).
In addition to this, it does not have doors on the front.

A great find! Can't wait to see it working.


  1. I, too, have the above Kennedy 20 with the 2 45 output tubes. I live in Ocoee, Fl, and my last name is Kennedy....hence the reason for having the radio. It has the original speaker and cone, and plays pretty well, but the cone is torn (old brittle brown paper cone), and has May, 1929 stamped on it. It is a Jensen D-7 speaker. I have owned the set for about 20 years.

  2. Hi, I'm refurbishing a CBK 29 that is exactly like the one at the very top. Sanding it down, refinishing then having the electronics re-done even though it looks really clean. Just trin g to figure out what type of stain to use, looks like mine is a two tone.

    1. That is fantastic! Please send photos when you're done, i want to share them on the blog with everyone.

      Always be sure to get the electronics re-done because the old capacitors are likely shorted out or very leaky (meaning they pass DC voltage from one to the other terminal). If you do not do this you risk damaging irreplaceable parts like the power transformer or maybe causing damage to one of the RF transformers.

  3. @Gregory, yes having it professionally done with electrical at 250.00. If it can be done cheaper let me know. I wish it was cheaper. I'm refinishing the cabinet myself and working on that now. Even the brass plate i had repolished and it will look new once the radio is done.

  4. $250 is not bad at all, i would have guessed much higher. It's a big job restoring this radio. I still have to wrench on mine occasionally. It's like anything built back in the day, well made but meant to be serviced occasionally. Don't get disappointed if it needs repair as the years go on, you are keeping a piece of history alive!

    Plus, you can learn how to do this stuff. Try repairing some lower value plastic radios from the 50's to start. There is another post on this blog called 'radio 101,' its about a youtube series on radio restoration that Bob Anderson put together. Very informative.

  5. I have a 20B that my wife got me for my birthday from a local paper add. Finishing up a full house renovation and then I'll be able to get to the radio.

    I'll need to send the speaker off to be reconed as the cone is gone. Voice coil is still intact though, so just new paper is all that's needed.

    I had to replace one of the Type 27's. It tested right at the bottom edge. It's missing a Type 45, so time to scour around to get another Cunningham CX series globe tube so it will have all globes. I'll most likely have to replace the caps. At least the large electrolytic and the wax cap(s) inside the chassis.

    Once I have the chassis going, I'll refinish the cabinet.

    All in all, it was a great find on her part. She also got a Zenith Trans-Oceanic "portable" radio and a box of caps, pots, resistors, etc

    She got the lot for $80 :)

    I love my wife hehehehe.