Monday, June 28, 2010

Field Day Operations from KB8RWQ working 1D ENY

Working 1d eny field day as kb8rwq using the portable station in psk31 mode.


  1. Nice portable station! What kind of run-time do you get from that battery?

  2. why do you like tube instead of transistor ?

  3. Hi N0XLT, unfortunately i underestimated the battery size completely. I should use at least a 40 A-h battery. Instead i tried to get away with a 7.5 A-h in attempt to run QRP. This battery only supports receiving operations, where the IC-725 draws 1A on receive. I suggest lugging a huge battery along with you or getting a pair of jumper cables to run it off your car battery for portable ops.

    Hi 9W2PJU, I like tubes because i find it interesting to work with both new and ancient technology. I believe that engineers and experimenters should be able to design with tubes, transistors, modular IC's, or up to high-level sub-system modules. It is more of a part of my philosophy on engineering rather than a sound thing, but, certainly musicians prefer tube amplifiers in practice (such as guitar players). I am hoping to performa double-blind sound test with the tube amplifier at some point in the future, stay tuned.

    Thank you for your comments,