Thursday, September 23, 2010

my first book: Small and Short Range Radar Systems

Are you interested in learning about small radar sensors, rail SAR imaging, near-field phased arrays, and applying these sensors to practical applications such as automotive radar and unmanned vehicles?

I will be writing a book titled, 'Small and Short Range Radar Systems,' with co-authors Jonathan Williams (MIT/LL), Shuqing Zeng, and Jim Nickaloau (General Motors). Our publisher is CRC Press. In this work will discuss both theoretical example and practical implementations of small radar sensors and apply these to real-world applications.

Should be an interesting read! Stay tuned for details as we write.


  1. Congrats, Greg! Let me know if you need any reviewing by people who might not necessarily be experts in the subject :-)

  2. Thank you Matt, we will take you up on that offer because our objective here is to write a practical book so that the reader could actually build systems from it. As opposed to something that is purely theoretical with little to no knowledge shared on how things go together.

  3. Hi, I am looking forward to the book, especially the derivations of radar equation for different types of radars.