Friday, November 5, 2010

Project completed: Homebrew 20m SSB transceiver is on the air! Here is a demo video, schematics, photos

After watching youtube videos of DIY or homebrew amateur radio SSB HF transceivers, and wanting to make one since i was in middle school, i became motivated to design and build this 20m SSB transceiver. I began this project in March of 2010 and have just completed it the first week of Nov 2010.

The radio produces 40 watts PEP transmit power, NF is probably around 1-2 dB, low phase noise VFO and BFO used.

Making a radio is an art form. The looks are old-school using parts recycled from old pieces of test equipment and military surplus. Old equipment labels are on the front (covering up holes from the recycled Autographics computer chassis) warning the user 'Danger High Voltage,' and explaining that this 'modulation tester' was built under FAA contract.

I hope that others use this as a reference for their designs or as motivation to try building a radio, of any kind weather it be a kit or a crystal radio or all-band HF transceiver.