Sunday, January 23, 2011

A method of improving 2 pulse cancellation on the MIT IAP 2011 radar system

Tony Hyun Kim, Nevada Sanchez, and Paresh Malalur have figured out a method of reducing the clutter from 2-pulse cancelation necessary to find range-to-target of moving targets using the MIT IAP 2011 Radar system.

Rather than subtracting the last pulse from the latest in the time domain (directly off the mixer in the FMCW radar system) they instead subtract the magnitude of the IFFT of the last pulse from the latest.

This reduces the apparent clutter dramatically (see top figure compared to bottom) because the sample bandwidth of the audio input to a laptop is not sufficient to line up the trigger pulses perfectly from pulse to pulse. This group has figured this out by running simulations of radar data and dithering the sample clock slightly (see 2nd figure above).

To improve your coffee can radar performance when acquiring range-time plots try this method.