Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making things as a kid, taking apart old TVs and radios and hooking things up to model railroad power transformers

My mother is an electrical engineer, i think because of this as a kid i enjoyed nothing more than to take apart an old TV set, radio, or appliance to learn how it worked. Eventually i started to learn how to hook things up to old model railroad power supply transformers such as car radios, lights, motors, and other cool things. After i while i started to use relays and was able to backwards engineer the power connections to almost anything. Things became interesting at approximately age 10 when my uncle described to me how to use transistors and i acquired my first oscilloscope. This lead to more interesting projects, including making power supplies, repairing more complicated appliances, and eventually the amateur radio license at age 13 thanks to encouragement by my mother who thought that i should try a more advanced hobby.

We're lucky to live in an age with so much stuff to take apart and learn from.