Sunday, July 24, 2011

Repairing a Yaesu YP-150 watt meter

Picked up this Yaesu YP-150 watt meter. Unfortunately it had a cold solder joint on one end of the 50 ohm load resistor that fell out causing the load to not be connected. This was obvious when an input of 20 dBm would cause a full scale meter reading.

To fix this i applied lots of flux and using a large iron i flowed solder back into the broken half of the load resistor.

I then checked the VSWR from HF to 150 MHz and it was good. Next i tried testing a 100 watt transmitter to verify that it was operating soundly and would not suddenly have a problem.

Good to go, i need this watt meter to test my driver and PA boards for my ARRL homebrew challenge 3 radio.