Sunday, October 2, 2011

ARRL Homebrew Challenge 3 Radio is Complete!!

My ARRL Homebrew 3 Challenge radio is now complete!  This radio is dual band, 10m & 6m, SSB and CW.  It provides over 100 watts of transmit power at 10m and 70 watts at 6m.
It features new technology such as the NXP Semiconductor BLF647 LDMOS power RF mosfet, AD8009a current feedback op-amps for the IF and pre-drivers.  Signal meter shows RF voltage at the antenna terminals.  It uses an old Motorola police microphone, military connectors for power and microphone, and has 1 Hz tuning resolution with a digital display.
Next step:  use it on the air.  I'm sure i will run into further issues using it on the air, but this is part of the process.  

Stay tuned.....