Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Join my Startup: Wanted, Technology Licensing Specialist

We are seeking a natural negotiator who would negotiate technology licensing agreements and large procurements in general.

Join our team and become part of the adventure.


Skills & Experience

The successful candidate will be:
·      Driven to negotiate technology licenses from universities and small companies
·      A natural negotiator with great common sense, high-bandwidth, a sense of urgency and the ability to understand key elements of a wide range of technologies
·      Able to quickly negotiate consulting and advisory agreements with academics and define appropriate fields of exclusivity, as well as put in place contracts with small companies while maintaining full ownership and control of all work products

Personal Characteristics

In addition, the ideal candidate:
·      Has Butterfly Network “DNA” (extremely intelligent, driven to change the world, creative, and flexible)
·      Able and willing to think “out of the box” and not afraid to question the status quo or challenge others
·      Possesses effective communication skills with diverse levels of staff and executive management
·      Is emotionally intelligent and resilient
·      Enjoys rising to new challenges and can handle multiple priorities simultaneously
·      Has uncompromised ethics and integrity
·      Loves problem solving

Apply Now

To apply send your CV to info@butterflynetinc.com with the subject line ‘ Technology Licensing Specialist.’