Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Want to Join my startup? Wanted: Software Engineer

Ready for a career change?  Consider joining my startup.  We are seeking a software engineer, please check out the following description and apply if you think that you are a good fit for our team:

The successful candidate will be:

·      Knowledgeable in system software programming with 10 years working experience
·      Competent in object oriented software design for complete system integration tasks with a deep understanding of C, C++, and Python
·      Vigilant with modern programming methods, techniques, and best practices
·      Proficient at kernel- and user-space driver development
·      Experienced visualization, rendering, GUI development, and system-level abstractions
·      Capable of implementing high frame rate, real-time imaging control, and feedback systems
·      Familiar with iOS app development on the iPad using Objective C and/or Titanium SDK and real-time sensor-based feedback
·      Able to keep up with rapidly evolving system requirements and gracefully handle emergent problems in high pressure situations

Personal Characteristics

In addition, the ideal candidate:
·      Has Butterfly Network “DNA” (extremely intelligent, driven to change the world, creative, and flexible)
·      Able and willing to think “out of the box” and not afraid to question the status quo or challenge others
·      Possesses effective communication skills with diverse levels of staff and executive management
·      Is emotionally intelligent and resilient
·      Enjoys rising to new challenges and can handle multiple priorities simultaneously
·      Has uncompromised ethics and integrity
·      Loves problem solving

Apply Now

To apply send your CV to info@butterflynetinc.com with the subject line ‘ Software Engineer.’