Monday, September 3, 2012

This week: CMU Next Generation Medical Imaging Workshop

A few openings are still available to join us at the CMU Next Generation Medical Imaging Workshop:

Next Generation Medical Imaging Workshop: Innovations Enabled by Advances in Computing, Signal Processing, and Sensor Technology
To present and discuss the latest medical imaging developments that are facilitated by the newest game-changing technologies and suggest future approaches and collaborations.
Next generation life-saving medical imaging technologies will leverage the vast computational power afforded by alternative computing platforms—such as graphics processor units (GPUs) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)—enabling us to explore previously intractable imaging problems.  New signal processing techniques, such as compressed sensing and sparse reconstruction algorithms, can produce high-fidelity and real-time imagery using relatively few measurements. Advances in sensing devices, architecture, and sensor configurations will offer sophisticated measurement techniques and provide the foundations for new imaging modalities.
In this workshop, participants will discuss how these technologies could be used to develop new imaging approaches and techniques as well as improve current methodologies. A speaker should be asked to bring his/her questions to spur discussion which might lead to solutions, new approaches, or different applications.