Monday, November 26, 2012

Through-Wall Imaging Radar, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Journal

"The ability to locate moving targets inside a building with a sensor situated at a standoff range outside the building would greatly improve situational awareness on the urban battlefield. A radar imaging system was developed to image through walls, providing a down-range versus cross-range image of all moving targets at a video frame rate. This system uses an S-band, frequency-modulated, continuous-wave radar with a spatial frequency range gate coupled to a time-division multiplexed, multiple-input, multiple-output antenna array to rapidly acquire, process, and display radar imagery at a frame rate of 10.8 Hz. Maximum expected range through a 20 cm thick, solid concrete wall is 20 m. Measurements show that this system can locate humans (moving or standing still) behind 10 and 20 cm thick, solid concrete walls and through “cinder-block” walls."