Saturday, October 27, 2012

hacking a police radar

As part of my book i am including several radar demos with data acquired from these demos.  Here is one of the first!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Working on radars or communications systems with antenna arrays? Share your work with the community! 2013 IEEE Intl. Symposium on Phased Array Sys. & Tech

During recent decades, phased array systems have made major steps forward with the development of many major radar and communications systems. due to many recent advances, including MMIC, photonics, and digital beamforming, phased array systems and technology continue to progress rapidly. Current and future developments of ground-based, sea-based, airborne, and space-based phased array radar, communications, and other electronic systems will be discussed at this international symposium.

Phased Array 2013, the 5th IEEE international symposium presenting advanced in phased array systems and technologies, will be held at the Westin Hotel, Waltham, Massachusetts on Boston’s famous Route 128.

Poster Presentations

Student Paper Competition

Special Sessions

Monday, October 1, 2012

Listen now to The Amp Hour #115 — Watcher of Wraithlike Walls

Watcher of Wraithlike Walls | The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

If you’re an FPGA enthusiast, looking for a new gig, send Greg an email with some examples of your past work.

In the event you’re not looking for a new gig, check out Greg’s site or catch him on Twitter.

Many thanks to Greg for stopping by and chatting. One of our best guests ever!

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