Friday, February 12, 2010

Portable Tube Preamp

Audio Express Magazine has published an article that i wrote on a portable tube preamplifier. This preamp was developed so that we could record live concerts with high fidelity. The hard part was to use tubes for this (or any) portable application. If you find this interesting, please read on by checking out Audio Express Magazine online.

If you find audio projects to be interesting then support this community by buying a subscription to Audio Express, it is a fascinating magazine with numerous makers building audio projects including; amplifiers, preamps, solid state amplifiers, tube amplifiers, speakers, and etc. I plan to contribute with more articles in the future, if you have anything interesting that you have built i'm sure they would want to hear about it :)


  1. Wow!
    I saw that picture on the net, read an article about this publication, but I didn't knew that it is yours!

    Well done!

    73! Andy UU1CC

  2. Thanks Andy!

    I have been keeping up on your work as well. Very interesting reading about the Russian bootleg radio stations.

    Stay tuned here because this weekend i acquired 6 more antique radios including one from the 20's and one from pre-ww2 Germany. This past week i acquired a 1930's RCA console radio. All of these radios are completely broken :) So we should be having fun getting them to go again.

    Can you suggest some pre-war Russian radios that i should keep an eye out for?


  3. Unexpectedly, you found a very hard question. There was a wartime law that all of pre-war Russian radios had to be confiscated and destroyed. It is very interesting point, I still searching for information about this moment, but because of this law there is hard to find a pre-war radios as well as a spare parts.

    Funny history from my wife's grandpa - he hided a radio as a brick in place of some bricks in the wall of his house. Well, it was a great idea, but some time later the German whizz-bang completely destroyed the house, as well as a radio :-)