Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winner of the 2011 IAP Radar Course SAR imaging contest

Tony Hyun Kim, Nevada Sanchez, and Paresh Malalur have won the SAR imaging contest for the 2011 MIT IAP radar course.

Their winning SAR image is of the outdoor statue by Alexander Calder, La Grande Voile (The Big Sail), 1965, Painted steel, 480 in. high (shown above). This is one of the most beautiful SAR images i have seen! (also, it is not bad for a radar built out of coffee cans and that plugs into your laptop audio input)

As you can see, this group built their own linear rail to acquire the image. They have acquired numerous other SAR images including some of the Stata center and other MIT landmark buildings.

Check out their site for more fascinating imagery from around the MIT campus.

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  1. Greg,

    Great work and results here! Thank you for posting. Truly a "congratulations" out to your teams and folks involved with this SAR radar project. It was neat to be able watch this occur via the web over the past weeks as the teams progressed and completed the rapid and fast paced product development cycle demonstrated. Particulary intersting was watching how each team carefully considered, planned and implemented together strategic final product design refinements and debugging actions/activities during the field testing phases and right into the final image gathering activity and submissions.
    Nice trophy! The images are very hi-quality as Greg stated above.
    The flagpole image is a favorite for me from what I have viwed. Great innovation work all, and to think from 2 coffee cans,a few chips, some rf hardware, hard work, technology, and all with such low power. The best is the laptop signal digitation! Clever and cool!
    Thanks again.

    "Radar Sys Engineer/Consultant and DIY Fan"