Thursday, March 3, 2011

Transistor radio hack: playing an Ipod through a vintage 1957 Emerson 888 Pioneer Transistor radio

Vintage sound anywhere with old audio chain. Listen to your favorite oldies in the radios that they were meant to be played on.

Just completed restoring then hacking an Emerson Model 888 Transistor Radio. This radio was built in 1957 and uses a total of 8 transistors.

I restored it following the usual antique radio restoration procedures here:

I then modified it so that the ear phone audio output jack would work an an audio input jack by locating the envelope detector and re-wiring the ear phone in-line with the envelope detector and the volume potentiometer as shown in the schematic here:

More photos and info about this project is shown here:

Anyone can do this project, it is very simple and fun!