Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Phased Array Radar using pegboard and wi-fi antennas

I am very excited to report that I am one of the lecturers for this very unique MIT IAP short course in radar, where teams of 3 build a digital phased array radar system using $950 in parts using pegboard, wi-fi antennas, and a  handful of other parts.

The abstract for this course can be found here (scroll half-way down).

The creators of this class include:
Dr. Bradley Perry, Dr. Jonathan Paul Kitchens, Dr. Patrick Bell, Dr. Jeffrey Herd, Dr. Gregory L. Charvat.  Brad Perry is the lead and has done an amazing job putting everything together!

This phased array radar system is a switched antenna array based on my previous work on thru-wall imaging here.

The radar back end is in fact one of the coffee can radar systems, where you can build your own here.

Complete documentation and lectures from this phased array radar course will be posted on the MIT OCW site soon so that you too can build your own phased array radar using pegboard and wi-fi antennas.

If that is not enough, anyone can sign up for this course offered by the MIT professional education program: