Monday, November 10, 2014

Reminder, sign up now for, How the Age of Machine Consciousness is Transforming Our Lives

Reminder, sign up now for:

“How the Age of Machine Consciousness is Transforming Our Lives”
·         Date and Time: Thursday, November 13, 2014, 7:00-9:00 PM
·         A cocktail reception in the SoHi room will follow the panel discussion and will provide a chance to meet our expert panel and learn more about career opportunities at 4Combinator

The expert panel includes:
·         David Ferrucci - Former VP of Watson Technologies who led development of the AI system that beat Jeopardy’s best
·         Max Tegmark – MIT professor and author of “The Mathematical Universe” and “Consciousness as a State of Matter”
·         Jonathan Rothberg - Inventor of high-speed DNA sequencing.  His latest venture, 4Combinator, is transforming medicine by integrating devices, deep learning and cloud computing

All are welcome.  Please register here, open seats are filling up quickly:

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