Monday, August 1, 2011

MIT prof ed 1-week radar short course update: 35 cantenna radar kits

Here they are, 35 cantenna radar kits prior to distribution as part of the 1-week MIT professional education radar course. Shown on the top figure are the 70 cantennas. Second photo shows the bags of parts for each kit.

Each kit contains 6 uwave modules, solderless breadboards, a piece of plywood, 50 ft tape measurer, a handfull of analog parts, and 8 AA batteries, plus other stuff.


  1. I'm a BSEE student and I would like to buy the kit to build the Radar by my self at home, any feedback?


    Richard Cruz

  2. You should find all the info you need here, schematics, bill of material, and .m files:

    I would like to find a company to produce the radar kits for folks like you in the near future so that you do not have to order all of the parts individually, but this may take time. Stay tuned.

    For now i suggest ordering all of the stuff on the BOM and go from there. Good luck!


  3. Hi Greg, any news on these kits?

    I live in Brazil, and these kits would be really useful.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I have a question about the filter being implemented in you design, the LPF of kHz. why have to chosen 15 kHz??

  5. Hi, please direct all questions on this to the Tin Can Radar forum, we'll answer you there: