Friday, July 22, 2011

Submitted to Trans. on AP-S: A Through-Dielectric Ultrawideband (UWB) Switched-Antenna-Array Radar Imaging System

A through-dielectric switched-antenna-array radar imaging system is shown that produces near real-time imagery of targets on the opposite side of a lossy dielectric slab. This system operates at S-band, provides a frame rate of 0.5 Hz, and operates at a stand-off range of 6 m or greater. The antenna array synthesizes 44 effective phase centers providing $\lambda/2$ element-to-element spacing by time division multiplexing the radar's transmit and receive ports between 8 receive elements and 13 transmit elements. Laboratory measurements agree with simulations, the air-slab interface is range gated out of the image, and target scenes consisting of cylinders and soda cans are imaged through the slab. A 2D model of a slab, a cylinder, and phase centers shows that blurring due to the slab and bistatic phase centers on the array is negligible when the radar sensor is located at stand-off ranges of 6 m or greater.

(Hopefully the editors and reviewers will find this project interesting.)

Link to this project.